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Edward Yau attends APEC meeting

November 08, 2017

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau attended the 29th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Ministerial Meeting in Da Nang today.


Speaking at the plenary sessions, Mr Yau said: "Hong Kong recognises the importance of structural reform in realising the benefits of trade and investment facilitation, which would in turn create new business opportunities, cut costs for doing business, and inject new impetus for economic growth."


He said Hong Kong supports the capacity-building initiatives under the APEC Economic Committee's Renewed APEC Agenda for Structural Reform.


Attaining the Bogor Goals of free and open trade and investment is one of APEC's key initiatives.


Mr Yau added Hong Kong supports high quality bilateral and regional trade agreements that promote trade and investment.


He said Hong Kong has just concluded negotiations on the Hong Kong-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, and will continue to push for the realisation of the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific.


On strengthening the competitiveness and innovation of micro, small and medium enterprises in the digital age, Mr Yau said Hong Kong attaches great importance to supporting their sustainable development.


"We have therefore provided the SMEs with the necessary infrastructure and financial support to help them grow more resilient and adaptable to fast-changing market circumstances, and to improve their management capacity and access to finance and relevant technologies."


Mr Yau also held bilateral meetings with some participating ministers to discuss trade-related matters.