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Re-enacting relics
Meticulous mission
Thorough inspection
Dazzling display

Bringing new life to the afterlife

More than 760,000 people have visited the Eternal Life - Exploring Ancient Egypt exhibition at the Science Museum since it opened on June 2. The average daily attendance of more than 8,000 visitors has broken the museum's record for a thematic exhibition. The museum’s curator and her team talk about the challenging task of putting the exhibition together.

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Opera strikes a chord with kids

Cantonese opera is a centuries-old art form originating in southern China. Apart from giving youngsters an opportunity to play dress-up, the traditional performance art also has educational value. This belief inspired Cha Duk Chang Children's Cantonese Opera Association to team up with the Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities to hold a summer workshop this year for children who struggle in the classroom.

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Volunteering for vital museum work

The Leisure & Cultural Services Department’s Museum Volunteer Scheme has recruited more than 600 volunteers to help it receive visitors, maintain exhibits and do other museum work. The programme allows participants to learn about museum operation and perform cultural education work.

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A voice for the deaf

Sign language is the principal form of communication used by the deaf. However, most people do not understand sign language, making it difficult for the deaf to communicate with the general public. To make life easier for the deaf, non-profit social service organisation Silence has launched a free app called SSLIA, or the Silence Sign Language Interpretation App. It provides instant sign language translation services via video call.

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Re-enacting royal residences

Located next to the Palace of Heavenly Purity in the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Hall of Mental Cultivation was the political power base of the Qing dynasty. To allow visitors to travel back in time see how Qing rulers lived and worked, the Leisure & Cultural Services Department and the Palace Museum are holding the "Hall of Mental Cultivation of The Palace Museum - Imperial Residence of Eight Emperors" exhibition at the Heritage Museum.

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Quicker access to education

Leung Wai-ming is a man on a mission.


For the last decade he has been working hard to improve the quality of schooling in rural parts of the Mainland to give village children the chance to receive a good education.


After working as a teacher for 25 years, he quit his job as the headmaster at a Hong Kong primary school to set up the Reading Dreams Foundation.

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Birthday gifts fit for royalty

As the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region celebrates its 20th anniversary, the Museum of History is holding a birthday-themed exhibition.


It brings visitors back to the Qing dynasty for a glimpse of the precious birthday gifts bestowed upon emperors and empress dowagers.

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Floral focus on slope safety

The Highways Department has launched the Enhancement Programme of Vegetated Slopes to replace Acacia confusa trees with various plant species. The trees were planted on roadside slopes across Hong Kong in the 1950s and '60s but are at the end of their lifespan.

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Music is the best medicine

Last year 68-year-old musician Lau Pak-chiu received some bad news. He was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer. To ease his anxiety and depression, Tuen Mun Hospital staff arranged for him to perform a solo pipa show in the hospital's activity room. Playing to a full house, the performance reignited his love for music and his faith in family, friends and life.

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Kicking up a shuttlecock storm

Players of the Hong Kong Shuttlecock Team high-kicked their way to their best ever results in the 9th World Shuttlecock Championships in July. The team nabbed four bronze medals in the men's team event, women's team event, mixed doubles and men's singles. Shuttlecock is a sport with traditional Asian origins. Players use any part of the body, except the arms and hands, to keep a weighted feathered object, known as the shuttlecock, airborne. Hong Kong Shuttlecock Team coach Ng Yiu-keung wants to promote the sport to dispel its image of being a neighbourhood game.

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Embracing gaming power

Young people's obsession with video games is often frowned upon by parents and teachers. But for former Institute of Vocational Education student Robert Lee gaming has brought him glory.

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Uncover the mysteries of the Louvre

The Heritage Museum is showcasing art treasures from the Louvre in Paris until July. The Inventing le Louvre: From Palace to Museum over 800 Years exhibition features more than 130 masterpieces, including paintings, sculptures and ceramics, and Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities.

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