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Empowering trousers
Dressed to thrill
Sharp garb
Sartorial support

Adaptive clothing changes lives

A car accident 11 years ago paralysed Nick Lee from the chest down. Since then, getting dressed has been a challenging task for him. However, a visit to Polytechnic University’s Troels H. Povlsen Care Apparel Centre three years ago solved this problem.

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An asymmetric approach to footwear

Fencers often suffer from knee, ankle and foot injuries.

Fencing moves like lunges and parries require sudden wrist and leg movements that can damage an athlete's limbs over time.

To enhance fencers' leg and foot protection, the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles & Apparel developed a pair of asymmetric shoes.

Hong Kong fencing team member Lin Po-heung wore them in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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Uncover the mysteries of the Louvre

The Heritage Museum is showcasing art treasures from the Louvre in Paris until July. The Inventing le Louvre: From Palace to Museum over 800 Years exhibition features more than 130 masterpieces, including paintings, sculptures and ceramics, and Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities.

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Smart wheelchair beats barriers

Getting around town was always a challenge for Carol Ng. Suffering from polio and a curved spine, the 31-year-old has been using an electric wheelchair since she injured herself in a fall three years ago. Her mobility was hindered by the stairs and kerbs on the city's streets. However, this started to change six months ago when she received an invitation from the University of Science & Technology to try its electronic wheelchair that can navigate rough and uneven terrain.

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HK rearing railway talent

The rapid expansion of Hong Kong’s railway network has boosted demand for industry professionals. To rear this talent, the Mass Transit Railway has opened a global training hub for railway management and operation.

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Blazing a trail to conservation

The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department has launched a trail maintenance workshop to encourage the public, especially hikers, to conserve the environment and use hiking trails in a sustainable way. Participants learn about trail management skills and proper hiking behaviour.

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Blood benevolence saves lives

Ricky Yu is a blood donor who has given blood 204 times in 24 years. Now, he is also an apheresis donor, contributing plasma and platelets through a special procedure every two weeks. The Red Cross hopes more Hong Kong residents will follow in Mr Yu’s footsteps. It says demand for blood continues to rise but inventories remain low, therefore regular blood donors play a crucial role in the community.

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Breaking taboos for a new career

Chinese weddings have many traditions. One of them is having at least one chaperone in charge to ensure the event goes to plan. These chaperones are usually women, however, 60-year-old Chow Kwok-kei is one of the few men to step into the role. Breaking the women-only tradition has given him a fulfilling second life.

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Nurturing green communities

To promote waste reduction and recycling, the Environmental Protection Department is implementing the Community Green Station Scheme in phases. Running education workshops and recycling centres, four stations have opened so far. They will be extended to all 18 districts in the city.



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Foolproof flood control

Hong Kong’s subtropical climate makes it humid and typhoon-prone. 

When particularly heavy rainstorms hit the city, flooding may occur in low-lying areas in the New Territories, and some old urban areas. 

The Drainage Services Department has put in place a series of flood control measures.

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Guardian angels in times of crisis

Ambulance officers from Tsim Sha Tsui Fire Station were among the first on the scene after an arson attack on board a packed MTR train on February 10 turned Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station into a chaotic scene.

They co-ordinated the emergency rescue operation and tended to the injured. In the face of disaster, they stay calm, and console and treat casualties before sending them to hospital.

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