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HK can handle its issues: SJ

October 29, 2017

Hong Kong can handle issues internally and show the vitality and beauty of the "one country, two systems" policy and the spirit of the Basic Law.


Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen made the statement to reporters today in response to remarks by his predecessor Wong Yan Lung on the National People's Congress Standing Committee's interpretation of the Basic Law.


Mr Wong said during a forum last week the interpretation that resulted in six people being disqualified from the Legislative Council was unnecessary.


Mr Yuen said the issue could have been dealt with internally, within the Hong Kong system, but he also understands the Central Government has its own viewpoint on the oaths taken by the six legislators.


He said the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has been doing its utmost to safeguard Hong Kong's judicial independence.


"Looking into the future, as I said at the opening of the Legal Year in January this year, my belief is that if the issues can be dealt with within the system in Hong Kong, I think Hong Kong should be given a chance to deal with that.


"And by so doing, it would not be a breach of the 'one country, two systems' policy nor would this be contrary to the provision or the spirit of the Basic Law.


"On the contrary, if things can be dealt with within Hong Kong, and if things were therefore dealt with in Hong Kong, that in fact shows the vitality and in fact the beauty, if not the strength, of the 'one country, two systems' policy as well as the spirit of the Basic Law."