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Stop school independence activists

November 14, 2017

The Education Bureau has urged the education sector to stop pro-independence activists from disseminating messages to students which are in violation of the Basic Law.


It made a statement tonight in response to media enquiries about the promotion of Hong Kong independence to students by some groups.


It said actions which promote the independence of Hong Kong contravene the Basic Law and must be stopped.


They undermine "one country, two systems" and damage relations between the Central Government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


They are also detrimental to the overall and long-term interests of Hong Kong society.


It said school managements have gained considerable experience in handling politicised incidents.


Principals and teachers have demonstrated professionalism in ensuring students can study in a safe and peaceful environment and are taught professionally without interference from messages which contravene the Basic Law.


The bureau said it will liaise with the education sector and schools, and provide support to them when necessary.


It added tertiary institutions are autonomous bodies and it believes they have the responsibility as well as the ability to deal with incidents on their campuses properly while looking after their students' interests.