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No major shift caused by subsidy

November 18, 2017

The subsidy for self-financing tertiary study programmes has not caused a major change in the number of students applying for different courses, Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung says.


Speaking to the media today after attending a radio programme, Mr Yeung said after launching the subsidy in the current academic year, the proportion of candidates enrolling in self-financing degree courses and associate degree programmes has not changed compared to previous years.


"When we rolled out the programmes there (were) some concerns that there may be students who are now, or who plan to apply for associate degrees, may, because of the new measures, they may try to apply for the degree courses, the self-financing degree courses.


"But the actual fact is, we did not see a major shift in the proportion of the numbers. There is a general decrease in the number of candidates, I think for the degree programme and the associate degree programme, because of a decrease in the student numbers but I think the proportion is roughly the same as in previous years."


The Education Bureau has received more than 20,000 applications for the subsidy so far, which is near the 30,000 target set when the subsidy launched.


When asked about students delivering leaflets at schools, Mr Yeung said the promotion of Hong Kong independence is not allowed at schools.


He said he expects schools will take appropriate action against these activities.  

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