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SJ promotes legal ties in Shanghai

November 18, 2017
Shared strengths

Shared strengths:  Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen (left) meets Secretary of the Political & Legal Affairs Commission of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee Chen Yin in Shanghai.

Hong Kong has a role to play in the Belt & Road Initiative and the process of internationalisation of legal services.


Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen made the statement today while speaking at the opening ceremony of the 9th Lujiazui Law Forum in Shanghai.


He said the presence of an international and diversified pool of legal talents is one of the major reasons Hong Kong's legal sector is able to participate in the provision of international legal services.


He said Hong Kong has about 1,400 registered foreign lawyers from 32 different jurisdictions. Among the 83 registered foreign law firms, 26 are from the Mainland, including firms in Shanghai.


"Hong Kong law firms are also actively developing their business in the Mainland. A total of 21 Hong Kong law firms have set up their representative offices in Shanghai.


"Under the framework of the Mainland & Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement, law firms in Shanghai have also started engaging Hong Kong barristers as legal advisors since 2015 to deal with Hong Kong and foreign-related legal matters.


"The Government is very pleased to see the legal sectors in Hong Kong and the Mainland working closely in providing appropriate legal services to their clients by reference to their respective strength and expertise, especially in providing the Mainland enterprises that are going global with legal risk management related services."


Mr Yuen said Hong Kong and Shanghai have their own strengths, and the win-win formula is made possible by positive interaction and practical co-operation.


"As the Belt & Road Initiative covers extensive areas and numerous countries and regions with very different legal cultures and backgrounds, the issues of international law and legal risks involved are very complicated; the legal sectors in Shanghai and Hong Kong should therefore enhance co-operation and take it to a new height."


Mr Yuen also met Vice Minister of Justice Wang Shuangquan, Secretary of the Political & Legal Affairs Commission of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee Chen Yin and Director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice Lu Weidong, and visited the Shanghai Bar Association.

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