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3,600 arrested in anti-triad blitz

June 15, 2017

Police have arrested more than 3,600 people and seized $271 million worth of drugs and other illicit goods in a series of raids against organised crime.


They were jointly conducted by Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau authorities from March 5 to June 10.


Police searched 6,400 locations including discos, game centres, massage parlours, nightclubs and residences.


Officers seized cannabis, ketamine, cocaine, ice and other illicit drugs worth HK$247 million.


Other confiscated items include obscene and pirated DVDs, weapons and imitation firearms, and 340,000 smuggled cigarettes.


A total of 3,618 people were arrested for triad-related and drug offences, managing vice establishments, breaching conditions of stay, illegal gambling, criminal damage, wounding, and possession of firearms or ammunition without a licence.


The arrestees are aged between 12 and 80, with 1,135 of them coming from the Mainland. 



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