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Blacklist claim rejected

December 03, 2014

Secretary for Security TK Lai has refuted claims the Government compiles blacklists of social activists and passes them to authorities outside Hong Kong.


Speaking to legislators today about recent cases in which Hong Kong residents were denied entry to the Mainland, he said some people have accused the Government of providing a "blacklist" to Mainland authorities.


He rejected the accusation as unfounded and malicious slander.


He said Hong Kong and the Mainland have their own immigration clearance policies and regimes under which the immigration departments of both sides implement their respective policies.


He noted there has been extensive media coverage of the Occupy Central campaign, with words and photos in reports containing the personal data - such as names, identities and backgrounds - of some protesters.


People may have also disclosed their personal data while posting opinions, photos and videos on social networking platforms, he said, adding the Internet is boundary-free so any information uploaded can eventually go public.


Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the handling of personal data is protected by law. The Government handles the personal data of Hong Kong residents in accordance with the law, Mr Lai added.