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2-way Lantau tolls to start

July 20, 2017

A two-way toll collection arrangement will be implemented at the Lantau Link Main Toll Plaza and the Ma Wan Toll Plaza on August 20 to prepare for the commissioning of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Transport Department announced today.


Adopted since 1997, the current one-way toll collection arrangement means motorists are not required to pay the toll when using the Lantau Link to the airport. However, on their return journey to Kowloon they must pay the toll for both outward and return journeys at the Lantau Link Main Toll Plaza.


Those entering Ma Wan must pay the toll for both outward and return journeys at the Ma Wan Toll Plaza, but nothing on their return journey to Kowloon.


The department said as the Lantau Link is currently the only road to Lantau, the one-way toll collection arrangement has been adopted for the convenience of motorists and smoother traffic to the airport. 


Noting the link will no longer be the only road connection to Lantau when the bridge opens, the department said switching to the two-way toll collection arrangement is necessary.


Tolls will be collected from motorists for every single trip, including entering and leaving Ma Wan.


The department added that since toll tickets are non-refundable and no change will be given, motorists using the link should use the remaining toll tickets with round-trip face values as soon as possible and purchase toll tickets with single-trip face values.


Visit the department’s website for details.

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