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H7 source under investigation

January 29, 2014

The Government will maintain close contact with Mainland authorities over the investigation into the source of the H7 virus that infected an imported batch of live chickens, Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man says.


Speaking to reporters today, Dr Ko said Mainland authorities have inspected the farm the infected chickens came from, and tested 200 samples, but found no positive results.


The Government will look into whether Hong Kong should maintain a live chicken supply for the local market in the long term, but it is not an urgent matter that requires a decision today, Dr Ko said.


The Government hoped to find a way to separate live chickens from Hong Kong and the Mainland before test results are available, but there was no timetable for this, he added.


On the confirmation of the fourth H7N9 case in Hong Kong, he added that there is no way to stop human traffic between the Mainland and Hong Kong. He advised visitors to the Mainland to stay away from wet markets, or to  wear a mask and keep their hands clean if they cannot avoid them.