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Flat study

Flat study:  Secretary for Transport & Housing Prof Anthony Cheung briefs the media on the Government's review of subdivided flats.

Subdivided flat issue to be studied

January 10, 2013
Secretary for Transport & Housing Prof Anthony Cheung says the Government will conduct an assessment of subdivided flats in Hong Kong.
Speaking to the media after a Long Term Housing Strategy Steering Committee meeting today, Prof Cheung said the committee is liaising with a research organisation to conduct an assessment and projection of people who are living in subdivided units.
He said the assessment will be a very challenging task as it is difficult to define subdivided units and to get access to this type of accommodation.
Despite this, Prof Cheung said it is still important to conduct a reliable assessment of the situation to help the Government formulate suitable measures.

He said the Government is very concerned about the subdivided flat situation, especially their fire and building safety.
The committee discussed various housing policies, including public rental housing, the operation of the quota and point system for non-elderly singletons, well-off tenants, overcrowding, under-occupation, redevelopment of aged public housing estates, and means to target the abuse of public housing resources.
They also looked at the needs of specific groups in the community, the elderly, single people of different ages, families living in poor accommodation and subdivided units.
Prof Cheung said the meeting did not reach a conclusion, but the observations and suggestions made will be discussed again at the committee’s full meeting on February 2.

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