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ATV licence not renewed

April 01, 2015

The Chief Executive in Council today decided not to renew ATV’s licence after considering the recommendation of the Communications Authority, Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So says.


It is the first time in local broadcasting history that an incumbent broadcasting licence has not been renewed.


According to the law, a 12-month notice period is to be given to ATV for the non-renewal decision, so its licence will be extended to April 1 next year.


In response to criticism that a decision should have been made last year upon the Communication Authority’s submission of its recommendation, Mr So said the Government has been acutely aware of the developments surrounding ATV.


The Chief Executive in Council has also considered the request in the submission for the extension of the deadline and the information made available this afternoon, but was not satisfied that a sufficient case has been put forward to justify any further extension of time, he said.


The Government will set up a task force to be chaired by the Permanent Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development (Communications & Technology) to ensure the speedy resolution of the various issues that might arise from the non-renewal of ATV’s licence.


The task force will co-ordinate the implementation of contingency measures in the transition period to minimise any adverse impact that might occur.


The Commerce & Economic Development Bureau has invited RTHK to study providing another programme channel in analogue format to give viewers an alternative choice as part of the contingency measures.


Mr So added he is very concerned about ATV's employees, and the Labour Department will contact them.