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TV talk

TV talk:  Chief Executive CY Leung briefs the media on the television licence decision.

No politics in TV choice: CE

October 22, 2013
Chief Executive CY Leung says the Chief Executive in Council considered all relevant factors in assessing the recent free television licence applications, adding the requirement of procedural fairness was strictly adhered to and did not involve any political consideration.
Speaking to the media today, Mr Leung said Hong Kong has had two television stations offering free services for the last four decades.
The recent licence decision was to introduce more competition to raise the television production standard, giving the public more choices and better services, he said.
The Government wants to adopt a gradual and orderly approach to introducing healthy competition while also minimising any possible adverse impact brought about by over-competition, he said, adding the three applicants were notified about this criteria.
Government departments and the Executive Council consider consultants' reports and various assessment criteria in processing applications, including financial capability, programming production, and overall sustainability of the market.
He said the Government must comply with the licence system and the Executive Council’s operation system, adding cabinet discussions in other countries are also not made public.
Applicants’ investment plans and financial status are commercial secrets, he said, which should not be disclosed.

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