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East Wing Forecourt to reopen

September 08, 2014

The East Wing Forecourt of the Central Government Offices in Tamar will reopen on September 10 upon completion of perimeter fencing works, the Administration Wing announced today.


Upon reopening, visitors to CGO and the Legislative Council Complex will generally be allowed to enter the forecourt through the day. It will be closed from 11pm to 6am.


Before the reopening, people can access LegCo via Tamar Park, or the escalators or elevators connecting the elevated walkway to Harcourt Road and Tim Mei Avenue.


Upon completion of the extension of the CITIC Tower footbridge to the LegCo Complex by 2015, the footbridge will become a separate and covered route which can be used for direct access from Admiralty to LegCo.


The current application procedure for using the forecourt for public meetings or processions will continue.


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