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Gov’t promotes volunteering

December 03, 2017

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung

The Government of Hong Kong attaches great importance to promoting volunteer services here. According to our latest record, 1.28 million Hong Kong citizens have registered as volunteers. We have a population of 7.3 million which means one out of six Hong Kong people now actually provide volunteer service in one way or another. 


Another point is that volunteer service indeed has no boundary. No matter what your nationality and background, all you need is your heart. 


So, on that note, I would use “4Cs” to conclude my speech. First is Care. The second C is Compassion. The third C is Cohesion and finally is Community. Work together to build a caring, compassionate, cohesive community. That is what volunteer service is all about.


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung gave these remarks at the International Volunteer Day Recognition Ceremony 2017.

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