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HK to build a caring community

December 03, 2017

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung

I just want to pay tribute to Sun Hung Kai Properties for organising this very meaningful Vertical Run for Charity. Combining charity with sports and promoting good health is very important direction for everybody in Hong Kong and the whole community. ICC stands for not International Commerce Centre alone, it also stands for inclusiveness, compassion and care, or another way, integrated community care. That is how you look at it, horizontally or vertically. We need to mobilise the whole community, not just the business community, but also NGOs (non-government organisations) and the Government, of course we have got a part to play, to build a caring community in Hong Kong. 


For every $100 we spend, as I have told many times, $21.5 goes to education, $19 goes to social welfare, and $17 goes to medical and health. So the three added together amounts to 58% of the total government recurrent expenditure. This underlines our commitment to promoting the well-being of the Hong Kong community. 


But government effort alone is not enough, we need total support from the business sector, and also NGOs and the wider community. So today’s event has dual purposes – run for health, race with sportsmanship and at the same time doing charity for a very worthy cause. On that note, thank you very much indeed and thank you again Sun Hung Kai. Keep up the efforts to build a caring Hong Kong together with the Government and the NGOs, thank you.


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung gave these remarks at the launch ceremony of the SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Hong Kong ICC.

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