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Building a caring HK

November 26, 2017

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung

I just want to pay warm tribute to HSBC for launching this very, very meaningful community day. It's a very worthy cause to pursue. It also reflects the corporate social responsibility of HSBC over the years. I am a beneficiary over the years because I have been Secretary for Labour & Welfare for many years. Whenever I went to functions sponsored by HSBC, I knew the people would benefit, at the grassroots, as you are really, really generous on that score.


The current-term Government is determined to build a more caring, compassionate and cohesive community in Hong Kong. That is why we will be investing more heavily in livelihood areas. For every $100 we spend every day now for the Government, $21.50 goes to education. Close to $20, to be exact, goes to social welfare. And $17 goes to medical and health. But we need community support and also business participation as well. So tripartite co-operation involving the Government, the business community and the NGOs, like the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, will be the recipe for success in really building a more caring community.


Our motto for the current term is really to connect for hope and happiness. I am sure that working together will make Hong Kong a better place in which to live, to work, to do business and also to really have a family here.


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung gave these remarks at the HSBC Hong Kong Community Festival 2017 opening ceremony on November 26.

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