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Qipao exhibition opens

September 08, 2017
Dazzling dresses

Dazzling dresses:  The Stars, the Silver Screen & the Qipao exhibition showcases the costume worn by actress Bai Guang in Blood Will Tell (1949).

The Stars, the Silver Screen & the Qipao exhibition has opened at the Film Archive.


It showcases 24 cheongsams featured in movies from different eras.


The qipaos are grouped under five themes: "Women in Wartime", "Modern Girls", "Stars on the Stage", "Wife Life" and "Souls in the Shadows".


They include those worn by actresses such as Bai Guang in Blood Will Tell (1949), Zhou Xuan in The Flower Street (1950), Linda Lin in The Orphan Girl (1956), Hsia Moon in Sunrise (1956), Li Xianglan in An Unforgettable Night (1958), Anita Mui in Kawashima Yoshiko (1990), Maggie Cheung in Centre Stage (1992) and The Soong Sisters (1997) as well as Joey Wong and Miyazawa Rie in Peony Pavilion (2001).


There will be a qipao-making workshop for visitors on November 11, 12, 25 and 26.


Costume specialist Edith Cheung will hold a Cantonese seminar on the iconic dress on November 25.


The exhibition is being held until January 1. Admission is free.


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