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Haute couture

Haute couture:  Chief Secretary Carrie Lam speaks at the opening ceremony of the exhibition on Eddie Lau's works at the Heritage Museum.

Classic collection

Classic collection:  Eddie Lau introduces the stage costumes that he designed for singer Anita Mui.

CS opens show on fashion icon

July 16, 2013
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam today opened the solo exhibition for renowned Hong Kong fashion designer Eddie Lau at the Heritage Museum.
Opening to the public tomorrow, the show, titled ‘Fashion.Image.Eddie Lau’, will run to January 13.
About 70 of Lau's works will be on display, including more than 20 stage costumes specially created for singer Anita Mui.

Opening the exhibition, Mrs Lam was joined by other officials and guests, including Acting Director of Leisure & Cultural Services Bobby Cheng and Eddie Lau himself.
Mrs Lam said Lau's career followed the development of the fashion industry in Hong Kong, and showed the hardworking nature of local people.
"The exhibition enables us to revisit our shared memories on the local fashion and music industries as well as appreciate Hong Kong’s perseverant spirit."
The exhibition focuses on fashion and image design, introducing the fashion and couture designed by Lau dating back to 1979, and numerous concepts of image design created for the local music industry.
Lau has donated over 300 items to the museum, including many of Mui’s stage costumes.
There will be behind-the-scenes stories of each of the images created for Mui, showing how they developed image design in Hong Kong’s music industry.
Other exhibits include personal photos and other material dating back to Lau’s childhood, and sketches, press clippings and video footage recording his achievements.
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