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HK students do well in int'l test

December 06, 2017

Hong Kong students have performed well in the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study 2016, the Education Bureau announced today.


The study is held every five years by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement to assess the mother tongue reading literacy of students aged nine and 10.


Local Primary 4 students were ranked third out of the 50 countries and regions participating in the study.


The percentage of Hong Kong students reaching at least the Intermediate Benchmark Level was 93%, compared to the international average of 82%.


About 18% of local students attained the Advanced Level, which was achieved by only 10% of students globally.


The study showed that compared with other countries, local students' family background and socio-economic status had little influence on their reading attainment.


It also showed the effective support given to students to enhance their language and reading ability as well as the equal opportunities for quality education provided by Hong Kong's primary education system.


The bureau said the study showed the positive relationship between parental involvement and students' reading attainment, adding the reading ability of those who have received extra tuition was not significantly different from those without extra tutoring.


The bureau also said the continuously remarkable performance of local students validates the concerted efforts of schools, teachers and other stakeholders to provide quality education.


It will continue collaborating with the education sector and the public to sustain the balanced development and good performance of students, it added.


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