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Tertiary schools perform well

October 04, 2017

Local self-financing post-secondary institutions perform well in institutional governance, programme design and delivery, staff management, resources deployment and student support, a survey has found.


The Committee on Self-financing Post-secondary Education today released the results of a study on the level of compliance by institutions with the Code of Good Practices on Governance & Quality Assurance for Self-financing Post-secondary Education Sector.


The Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications was commissioned to conduct the survey.


The code was promulgated by the committee in 2015 for the education sector to adopt on a voluntary basis. The committee and the Education Bureau encourage all institutions to adopt the code.


The study results show the code has enhanced the sector's governance, quality assurance practices, transparency and accountability.


The majority of the institutions which have adopted the code said they have adjusted their systems or practices, mostly in areas of programme design and delivery, staff management, resources deployment and student support.


They also said the code provides a good reference to their management and quality assurance staff.


The committee's Chairman Tim Lui said: "Despite being at various stages of development, the institutions are generally committed to adhering to the local and international standards in governance and quality assurance."


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