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Gov't to monitor student changes

September 01, 2017

The Government will watch for any drop in cross-boundary students in the new school year as some may choose to study on the Mainland instead of Hong Kong.


Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung made the statement to the media today, saying a drop is expected following a change in Shenzhen's school rules.


Shenzhen announced in April it will allow children born in Hong Kong to Mainland parents to apply for places at public schools there.


Mr Yeung said the Education Bureau will evaluate the situation later this month.


But he believes the impact will be small and the total number of classes should remain unchanged.


"We understand there will be some students mainly from Shenzhen, they may prefer to go back to Shenzhen to study, but we will have to wait for another few days or one or two weeks before we could know, or have the final figures of how many students will go back.


"I think that will not have any major or significant impact on our system."

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