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Arts on the road

June 18, 2017

Spacious oasis

Spacious oasis:  The M+ Rover Travelling Creative Studio boasts wooden furnishings, plants, paintings and beanbag sofas.

Know thyself

Know thyself:  Artist Rainbow Leung hosts workshops in the studio to help participants learn about themselves.

Inspiring ideas

Inspiring ideas:  Miss Leung gives art lessons to students from a Tsing Yi secondary school.

Playful portraits

Playful portraits:  Form Six student Grayson Ho (left), and Form Five students Abbie Jai (second left) and Pinky Cheng (second right) show their creations made at the pop-up studio.

Since February, a trailer boasting wooden furnishings, paintings and beanbag sofas has been touring local schools and communities.


Serving tea and snacks, the M+ Rover Travelling Creative Studio is an outreach programme organised by M+.


The customised trailer turns into a pop-up creative space and offers arts workshops hosted by architects, designers, photographers and filmmakers.


Artist Rainbow Leung brought her illustrations and stories to the rover to share with students at a Tsing Yi secondary school in May.


Probing potential

Miss Leung said her workshop helped unlock the students’ potential and talent.


“Through art, I want the students to discover their own individuality and also learn to listen and care about the people around them. It is a very relaxing and fun process. They laugh, they share, they enjoy it.”


Miss Leung also created a board game in which students played, shared and drew portraits of the person next to them.


“They are invited to share things they love, fear, are concerned about, or deem to be imperfect. They are encouraged to clear their minds, relax and observe, then to build relationships through drawing.”


Miss Leung said there was no pressure on the participants to be creative.


“There is no win or lose. What matters is they listen carefully to others. They don’t have to compare whose drawing is better. Just draw what they feel.”


The game rewarded players with snacks and tea, while it penalised them by making them wear funny masks or do silly things.


Form Six student Grayson Ho said the workshop helped him understand his strengths and shortfalls.


“I learned not to compare myself with others, but to find out how I am different from them.”


Form Five student Pinky Cheng said the workshop helped ease her study stress.


“Being a student can be very tiring. I’m so relaxed during the workshop. I had fun. I enjoyed the activity so much.”


Creative consolation

Another Form Five student Abbie Jai said: “Sometimes I feel lonely and misunderstood. But after the workshop, I found that people can be connected through art, games and sharing.


“Because we are so different, we have so much to learn from other people. I really enjoy knowing and learning from others through art.”


Rainbow Leung said arts have therapeutic power.


“Drawing is a good way to remove negative thoughts. Even if you cannot share your feelings through words, you can share them through art.


“I want them to learn to listen to others by drawing portraits of strangers. If you are stressed, feeling depressed or frustrated, listen to other people's life stories. You have a pair of ears, so use them to listen to others. It will remind you that life is worth living.”


Miss Leung added she hopes to inspire students to find their direction in life.


“They can feel very lost at times. I want them to know everyone is unique. No two people's life experiences are the same.


“You won’t find two identical leaves in the world. If you think every leaf is the same, you will miss out on a lot and find life too boring. Try to appreciate your uniqueness, you will find life is interesting and beautiful.”


The next M+ Rover programme for secondary schools will be held next year. Schools will be invited for enrolment this September.

West Kowloon Cultural District