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'iLearning' plan enhanced

August 21, 2013
Service arrangements for the "i Learn at Home" Internet Learning Support Programme will be enhanced in the coming academic year to improve its effectiveness and better meet users’ needs, after the completion of a mid-term review on the scheme.
Launched in 2011, the five-year programme helps eligible students undertake web-based learning at home by providing economical Internet access services and computer equipment with flexible payment options and technical support.
The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer has refined the service arrangements of the programme, which will continue to be operated by the Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association and WebOrganic.
The office will co-ordinate the sourcing of Internet services and provide more than 20 kinds of computer products for users’ selection, including desktop, notebook and tablet computers configured with different operating systems, as well as printers, to cater for the learning needs of students at different levels.
It has also invited suppliers to be service partners to provide special offers for the programme.
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