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Helpful hints

Helpful hints:  A new online guide to purchasing textbooks has been uploaded to the Education Bureau's website.

Textbook guide now online

July 18, 2013
The Education Bureau has provided an online guide and set up a hotline to help parents purchase textbooks for the new school year.
"A Parent's Guide to Textbook Matters" has been uploaded onto the bureau's website, providing school textbook lists and other useful information.
Parents who choose to buy second-hand textbooks should check the titles, publishing year and edition. Parents should also consider whether dictionaries and maps need to be purchased every year.
The bureau also provides a search function to check availability from July to September.
The Textbook Information Hotlines will operate on 3698 3578, 3698 3947 and 3698 3946 until September 30.
Parents can also email the bureau for enquiries.

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