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Education co-operation:  Secretary for Education Michael Suen (right) and New Zealand's Secretary for Education Karen Sewell exchange documents after the signing ceremony of the Arrangement on Education Co-operation.

HK, NZ sign education pact

October 13, 2011
The Education Bureau and the New Zealand Ministry of Education today signed an Arrangement on Education Co-operation that will help build and strengthen the education relationship between the two places.
Initiatives may include exchange of teachers, academic staff, experts and students; school-to-school exchanges; transfer of knowledge, ideas and expertise; and joint research programmes between New Zealand and Hong Kong institutions.
The arrangement is an outcome of the Closer Economic Partnership Between New Zealand & Hong Kong, which came into force this year to complement the strong trade relationship between the two economies.
Both sides have indicated an interest in the quality assurance aspect of education delivery and raising student achievement levels.
Secretary for Education Michael Suen said the arrangement will also help enhance excellence and creativity in teaching, learning and research conducted by educational institutions, and contribute to professional development in the education sector.

Scheme $6,000