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FSD urges hikers to be prudent

September 13, 2017

Responsible recreation

Responsible recreation:  Fire officers Lee Pak-keung and So Ka-cheung, Senior Fireman So Chi-wing, Principal Fireman Wong Sui-ki and Senior Station Officer Li Ngai urge hikers to check weather forecasts.

Hikers should carefully check the weather forecast before hitting the trails in Hong Kong's country parks.


The Fire Services Department made the plea during a press conference today in which it explained how fire officers rescued two hikers stranded on Kowloon Peak last month as Severe Tropical Storm Pakhar brought heavy rain and strong wind to Hong Kong.


The department deployed more than 100 officers in the rescue operation, including the Mountain Search & Rescue Team.


Officers explained how the bad weather forced them to suspend the rescue operation and stay on the mountain with the hikers overnight until other rescuers arrived.


They warned hikers be aware of the weather conditions before setting out.

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