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11 arrested in $30m goods seizure

April 12, 2017
Illicit haul

Illicit haul:  Customs officers seize smuggled goods worth $30 million.

Customs officers have arrested nine men and two women aged 27 to 50 for smuggling $30 million worth of goods. 


They intercepted two outbound private cars at Shenzhen Bay Control Point yesterday and found batches of bird's nest and red wine on board. 


They later seized more bird's nest, shark fin, red wine and mobile phone screens at a Yuen Long cargo yard and a Fanling industrial unit.


The operation seized 235kg of bird's nest, 65kg of shark fin, 400 bottles of red wine and 41,000 mobile phone screens.


Importing or exporting unmanifested cargo warrants up to seven-years' jail and a $2 million fine.


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