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Illegal-parking crackdown to start

January 12, 2017

Police will conduct a citywide crackdown on illegal parking from January 13 to 19.


Officers will issue fixed penalty tickets without warning.


The operation will target double parking, loading and unloading of passengers and goods as well as stopping and waiting in restricted zones.


Drivers who obstruct traffic or endanger other road users will be prosecuted and their vehicles seized.


Police Traffic Branch Headquarters Superintendent Yip Siu-ming said over 1.6 million fixed penalty tickets were issued last year, a 20% increase on the year before.


"Hopefully the enforcement action will change the undesirable behaviour of road users," he said, adding the crackdown will ease traffic congestion.


"But the fundamental issue is whether our road users are willing to change their undesirable behaviour like illegal parking for convenience to get off, or loading or unloading in restricted zones.”

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