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Fire safety taught to preschoolers

August 17, 2015

The Fire Services Department launched its Fire Safety Education in Kindergarten Programme in 2011 and since then, more than 2,300 fire safety talks have been delivered to more than 140,000 children.


At the start of the programme, 184 fire services staff had signed up to become Fire Safety Educators, but that number has grown to 600.


After receiving training, they visit kindergartens a couple of times a month on their days off to teach kids important fire safety practices.


The lesson lasts for about an hour and during that time children play games, watch slideshows and sing songs introducing a fireman's work and equipment.


The preschoolers also learn about what items they must take when there is a fire, such as a mobile phone, a towel and keys.


The students also get the chance to try on a fireman's uniform.


Vounteer Chan Yee-leung finds it rewarding to see the children having fun while learning, and it helps him forget about work stress as well.


The principal of one of the participating kindergartens, May Hon believes the interactive and fun learning approach has successfully captured the young students' attention, which has encouraged her to apply for more talks to be held at the school in the future. 

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