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New minibus law to take effect

April 12, 2012
The Road Traffic (Amendment) Ordinance 2012, which boosts the safety, operation and service quality of minibuses, will be gazetted and implemented on April 13. 
The Transport & Housing Bureau said the ordinance imposes a maximum speed limit of 80kph and makes the installation of speed limiters on all minibuses mandatory.
Speeders are subject to fines, driving disqualification and mandatory completion of a driving improvement course.
Contravening the speed limiter requirements and tampering with a speed limiter are both offences. Offenders will be liable to a fine and imprisonment.
Electronic data recording devices, or black boxes, will also become basic equipment on minibuses.
Under the ordinance, the Transport Department and Police can retrieve data stored in black boxes, and use it as evidence in criminal proceedings.
Applicants for a minibus licence are required by the ordinance to complete a pre-service course. Drivers must also display identity plates.