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Air-traffic claims rejected

April 09, 2017

The Civil Aviation Department has refuted claims made in an Apple Daily online news report today about the new Air Traffic Management System.


The report claimed the aircraft symbols of more than 100 flights turned into small "X" signs and flight directions were not known, the altitude information of some flights went missing, and the information on the radar screens could not resume normal for about an hour after the glitch took place.


The department said none of these issues occurred with the new system between 11:28am and 11:40am yesterday.


Although only the position and altitude were shown for eight flights during the incident, all flight targets were continuously displayed on radar screens.


Air Traffic Control Officers were able to keep direct voice communications with pilots at all times and obtain all flight information through Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast technology, it added.


Regarding photos published with the news report, the department said they did not show the radar screens of the new air-traffic system, and expressed regret that the photos might lead to misunderstandings and undermine public confidence.

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