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Tung Chung consultation launched

May 21, 2013
The Planning Department and the Civil Engineering & Development Department today launched the Stage 2 Public Engagement for the Tung Chung New Town Extension Study.
Activities including a community workshop, a public forum, briefings and roving exhibitions will serve to gauge public views on planning direction and scale for development.
Two initial land use options are proposed for Tung Chung East; a 'Livable Town' option providing more housing through higher development densities around the proposed new MTR station, and an 'Economic Vibrancy' option creating a regional commercial hub in Tung Chung in addition to supplying housing.
For Tung Chung West, the proposed land use aims to strike a balance between development and conservation, adding land for housing while developing existing rural areas along with limited reclamation.
The engagement will last until July 21.
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