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Experts to study factory conversion

November 21, 2012
Secretary for Transport & Housing Prof Anthony Cheung says the Government is aware of public concern over the conservation of Chai Wan Factory Estate, saying it has been included in the list of "New Items" of the Antiquities Advisory Board.
He told the Legislative Council today the board will flexibly examine the grading of the new items depending on their urgency. The Antiquities & Monuments Office will consult the board on the grading of the estate before the conversion works start.
He said the Housing Authority has commissioned a Heritage Impact Assessment study to ensure appropriate steps can be taken to conserve the original character of the estate after its adaptive reuse as public rental housing.
The report will be submitted to the Antiquities & Monuments Office and the Antiquities Advisory Board before work starts, to ensure conformance to conservation principles. The Government will provide an exhibition area to display the history of the estate after the conversion.
Prof Cheung said the Housing Authority will preserve the important building features of the estate, according to the result of the Heritage Impact Assessment, and will preserve the original structure, appearance and layout of the building as far as possible during the adaptive reuse of the project.
When upgrading the building's facilities to match with the current regulations and codes, such as the addition of lifts and bathrooms, the conversion work will be carefully planned to ensure the layout and appearance of the original building will be compatible with the concept of conservation.
The conversion of the estate will quickly provide 180 new public rental housing units.

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