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Gastro vigilance urged

November 08, 2017

The Centre for Health Protection today urged the public and the management of schools and institutions to maintain strict personal, environmental and food hygiene in view of the recent increase in acute gastroenteritis activity.


Institutional outbreaks rose from two cases affecting 11 people in the week of October 1 to eight in the week of October 29 affecting 51 people. The week ending yesterday registered three outbreaks that affected 20 people.


Most outbreaks occurred in kindergartens and childcare centres.


Department of Health surveillance found the percentage of kindergartens and childcare centres with children affected by diarrhoea increased from 8.22% to 22.64% during the period, while those with children affected by vomiting rose from 10.96% to 24.53%.


Schools and institutions have been reminded to follow the guidelines on communicable disease prevention. They should report outbreaks to the centre for prompt follow-up action.


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