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Aircraft disinsection to start

April 20, 2017

The Port Health Office will require disinsection to be conducted on all inbound aircraft from Zika-affected areas to prevent the spread of the mosquito-borne disease, the Centre for Health Protection announced today.


A World Health Organisation advisory group has recommended member states to consider conducting aircraft disinsection to fight the Zika virus.


The new rule requires airlines or aircraft operators of flights coming from Zika-affected areas to submit to the office an aircraft disinsection declaration, flight details and disinsection work information.


Those who conduct regular disinsection will be required to provide documentary proof or empty insecticide cans.


The new regulation will take effect on April 26.


Aircraft without proof of disinsection will be required to carry out on-arrival disinsection.


Those who fail to submit the aircraft disinsection declaration will violate the Prevention & Control of Disease Regulation, and will be liable to a $10,000 fine and six-months' imprisonment.


No local Zika cases have been recorded in Hong Kong so far.

Zika Virus Infection