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Organ transplant law to be amended

April 13, 2017

The Human Organ Transplant Ordinance is due for amendment to allow for more flexibility in assessing a donor's eligibility. 


Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man made the statement to the media today, saying the ordinance defines the minimum age of an organ donor as 18.


"The law has not given discretionary power to any clinical team or the Human Organ Transplant Board. It is entirely understandable in doing so because the law needs to protect the minors. 


"But we also note that internationally there is no hard and fast rule to draw a line on the minimum age of donors, and even the judgement of a particular society on the minimum age of donation could be changing from time to time."


Dr Ko added the legal amendment will give discretion to the board to assess donor eligibility based on their physical condition, as well as clinical and psychological suitability.

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