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New litter bins to launch

June 06, 2016
New design

New design:  New litter bins have smaller openings and bigger warning notices.

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department will introduce newly designed litter bins in batches from June 13.


The new designs have smaller openings for disposing litter and bigger warning notices.


The aim is to educate people to avoid discarding refuse outside or on top of litter bins. The notices will also encourage people to dispose of bags of garbage properly at refuse collection points.


The new bins have a capacity of 130 litres, and their openings have been reduced from 370mm x 190mm to 230mm x 150mm.


The department will place the bins at suitable locations, after considering the street situation, such as pedestrian flow, footpath widths and other environmental factors.


In 2015/16 the department has so far reduced the number of bins by 15% and hygiene conditions on streets have stayed satisfactory.


The department will consider further reducing the number of bins on streets in various districts later this year.

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