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Health chief urges flu vigilance

January 23, 2014

Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man has called for healthier lifestyles and better personal hygiene among the public, to lower their chances of influenza infection.


Speaking to reporters today, Dr Ko said the Government is concerned about the prevalence of seasonal influenza in winter.


He said the circulation of the H1N1 flu virus strain has increased to more than 40%, and the mortality rate of H1N1 in some other places, such as the US, has also risen.


He said the flu season puts increased pressure on public hospitals.


"I would like to advise and appeal to the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle and pay more attention to their personal hygiene, so as to lower the chance of getting infected with seasonal influenza. The Hospital Authority has already announced a series of measures to cope with the situation in the public hospital system."

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