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123 HIV infection cases reported in Q2

August 27, 2013
A total of 123 cases of HIV infections were reported in the second quarter of 2013, the Centre for Health Protection announced today.
Sexual transmission remained the major mode of HIV transmission in Hong Kong, the centre’s Consultant (Special Preventive Programme) Dr Wong Ka-hing told reporters at a briefing today.
Of the 123 cases reported in this quarter, 64 acquired the infection through homosexual or bisexual contact, 27 through heterosexual contact, two through drug injection, and one through a blood or blood-product transmission outside Hong Kong.
The remaining 29 cases’ transmission routes were undetermined due to inadequate information.
The newly diagnosed cases comprised 105 males and 18 females, bringing the cumulative total of reported HIV infections to 6,045 since 1984.
Twenty-two new cases of AIDS were also reported in this quarter, bringing to 1,387 the total number of confirmed AIDS cases reported since 1985.
Dr Wong stressed the importance of the proper use of condoms in reducing the rick of contracting HIV. He urged people with a history of unsafe sex to take an HIV test early, and encouraged them to call the Department of Health’s AIDS hotline - 2780 2211 - for a free, anonymous and confidential test.
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