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Food for thought

Food for thought:  Chief Secretary Carrie Lam (in yellow), Secretary for the Environment KS Wong (second left), and other guests officiate at the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign launch.

CS urges food waste reduction

May 18, 2013
Reducing food waste is a priority of the Government, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam says, urging the public to support the initiative.
Speaking at the launch of the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign today, Mrs Lam said Hong Kong’s environment will be better if there is less food waste.
She said 40% of daily waste dumped in landfills is food - about 3,500 tonnes.
Mrs Lam discussed ways to reduce food waste in our daily lives, such as by finishing the food on our plates, making use of food trimmings to cook another dish, and by only buying what we need when shopping.
She advised the restaurant sector to reduce food waste in the aspects of planning, purchasing, storing and cooking, adding its cuts costs.
At the same function, Secretary for the Environment KS Wong said reducing food at source and donating surplus food to the needy are effective ways to fulfill the goal.
Mrs Lam and Mr Wong tried a dish made of food trimmings, such as the skin of a water melon.
The Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign is one of the signature events under the 'Fresh Hong Kong' theme of the 'Hong Kong: Our Home' Campaign.
A host of publicity activities and educational programmes will be implemented, and tool kits and practice guides are also being drawn up with trades to encourage the entire community to avoid and reduce food waste generation.