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Unregistered drug

Unregistered drug:  Lui Cho Flu & Fever Pills are among seven Lai Sing Medicine Factory Limited products to be recalled.

Unregistered Chinese medicines recalled

January 25, 2013
The Department of Health today instructed licensed manufacturer Lai Sing Medicine Factory Limited to recall seven suspected unregistered proprietary Chinese medicines.
They are Teta Pills, Lui Cho Flu & Fever Pills, Cure All Medical Extract, Antitoxic Throat Pills, Gastrointestinal Pills, Detoxifying Pills and Allergic Rhinitis Nose Drops.
None of the medicines have been registered with the Chinese Medicine Council. They share certain similarities with Lai Sing's seven other registered proprietary Chinese medicines, but are different in product name or dose form.
People who have the products should stop using them immediately and send them to the department’s Chinese Medicine Division at AIA Kowloon Tower, Kwun Tong. Those who have taken any of the medicines should consult doctors in case of doubt or if feeling unwell.
Call 8102 2208 for enquiries.

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