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Jabs set for fishing-boat dogs

January 25, 2013
Seven major fishing ports will be the target of an Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department dog-inoculation campaign from today until February 8.
Fishermen can have their dogs vaccinated against rabies, microchipped and have the animals' licences renewed.
Mobile vaccination teams will visit Shau Kei Wan on January 25, Cheung Chau on January 29, Sam Mun Tsai on January 30 and 31, Sai Kung on February 4, Castle Peak on February 6 and 7, and Sha Tau Kok on February 8.
The teams will visit the fishing ports from 10am to 3pm. A fee of $80 will be charged for each dog. To date, 7,163 vaccinations have been given to dogs under the inoculation campaign.
The dogs must be revaccinated against rabies and their licences renewed at intervals not exceeding three years. Dog keepers that fail to do so are liable to a maximum fine of $10,000.

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