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Water-saving drive effective: survey

January 24, 2013
People aware of the Government's water conservation promotion are more likely to consume less water, the Water Supplies Department announced today.
A survey found that Hong Kong's average household per capita domestic fresh water consumption was 124.7 litres per day last year, with 46.6% of fresh water consumed through water taps, 43.3% through showers, and 9% through washing machines. Households with live-in domestic helpers were more likely to consume more water per capita than those without.
About 86% of the households surveyed knew the Government was promoting water conservation. Households aware of the promotion had an average per capita daily domestic fresh water consumption rate of 122.3 litres, while the figure was 139.2 for those unaware.
The survey was initiated by the department in August 2011, and a consultant was employed to help identify the general domestic water consumption patterns in Hong Kong. Most of the fieldwork, which involved 1,028 randomly selected households, was carried out between mid-September 2011 and mid-January 2012.
The survey revealed scope for enhancing water conservation measures in Hong Kong households. The department will encourage the public to make greater efforts to conserve precious water resources.
Click here for the key findings of the survey. 

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