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Petal power

Petal power:  The Dendrobium orchid genus is the theme flower of this year's Hong Kong Flower Show.

Flower show contest opens

January 22, 2013
Entry submissions for the 2013 Hong Kong Flower Show plant exhibits competition are open until February 6, the Leisure & Cultural Services Department announced today.
The show will be held in Victoria Park from March 15 to 24, with Kaleidoscope of Spring as its main theme, and the dendrobium orchid genus as the theme flower.
The competition, with open and school categories, is divided into 15 sections and 94 classes.
The sections include orchid, Chinese cymbidium, potted plant, cactus and succulent, foliage and carnivorous plants, African violet, bonsai-type plants, floral arrangements in Western and Oriental manner, floral art by school children, primary and secondary school potted plant growing and nursing, and the school garden plot competition.
Flower Show Cups will be awarded to the best exhibits in the open and school categories.
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