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Library exchange

Library exchange:  Assistant Director of Leisure & Cultural Services (Libraries & Development) Lee Yuk-man and Central Library Chief Librarian Rochelle Lau officiate at the signing ceremony.

HK, Bavaria sign library deal

January 21, 2013
Hong Kong will hold a series of library co-operation initiatives with the Bavarian State Library, including the sharing of digital resources, to promote cultural exchange.
A signing ceremony was held at Hong Kong Central Library and in Munich via videoconference today.
The deal will foster co-operation in information technology, information services, exchange of digital resources, cultural exchanges, and the sharing of expertise in various areas of library activities.
Hong Kong Public Library will further explore the possibility of co-operation with the Bavarian State Library on developing digital resources.
It will send its Bavarian counterpart a set of 10 printed and digitised copies of catalogues, listing collections of renowned scholars' documents and local composers' music scores.