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Kai Tak sports complex views sought

January 18, 2013
The Home Affairs Bureau today invited expressions of interest in the development of a multi-purpose sports complex at Kai Tak on or before February 28.
Initial, non-binding expressions from the private sector and other stakeholders are invited, to raise awareness of the project, and to provide insight into how best to take the project forward. The exercise is ultimately aimed at developing a high-quality sporting venue that will reinforce Hong Kong's global status, while meeting the public's needs and aspirations.
The sports complex will help alleviate the existing shortage of public sports facilities and open space, especially in East Kowloon. The modern multi-purpose venues will also improve the capacity for hosting major international sports events.
A briefing will be held on January 30. After reviewing the expressions of interest received, the bureau will prepare and publish a report on the exercise before deciding on how to procure and finance the complex.
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