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Chinese medicine body formed

January 17, 2013
The Government announced the establishment of the Chinese Medicine Development Committee today, which will advise it on developing the Chinese medicine industry in Hong Kong.
The committee comprises non-official members and four ex-officio members for a term of two years, from February 1.
Its chairman will be the Secretary for Food & Health, while the ex-officio members are the Permanent Secretary for Food & Health (Health), the Commissioner for Innovation & Technology, the Director of Health, and the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority.
The Chief Executive announced in his Policy Address the committee would be formed, comprising representatives from the Chinese medicine trade, academia, the research and healthcare sector, and laymen.
They will study raising the professional standard and status of Chinese medicine practitioners, strengthening the promotion of research and development of Chinese medicine, encouraging the integration of Chinese and Western medicine in clinical treatment, expanding the role of Chinese medicine in the public healthcare system, and the provision of Chinese medicine in-patient services.
They will also examine the current landscape and the needs of the Chinese medicine sector, recommend feasible strategies and measures for projects for priority development, and monitor the implementation of the measures.
The first meeting will be held in the first quarter of this year.

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