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Contact lenses recalled

January 15, 2013
The Department of Health today drew public attention to the recall of selected lots of 1-Day Acuvue Moist Brand Contact Lenses and Acuvue Advance Brand Contact Lenses with Hydraclear, as the affected products might have incomplete package sealing which could compromise the sterility of the contact lenses.
The department, through its routine surveillance of medical device safety information, found that the UK's Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency posted a recall notice issued by the manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.
The problem came to light during the manufacturer’s internal quality review, which had discovered the potential for a limited number of contact lens packages to be incompletely sealed.
The department said an incomplete seal can compromise contact lens sterility, which can pose the risk of an eye infection.
The department has contacted the products' local supplier and found that apart from the lots listed on the UK agency's website, there are other affected lots being recalled in other countries. However, none of the known affected lots have been distributed in Hong Kong.
The department added that although the lots under recall were not distributed in Hong Kong and it has no record of related adverse events here, there may be occasional users in the city who may have obtained the affected products via the Internet or from abroad, which justifies a public alert.
According to the manufacturer, there are no reports of adverse events so far. The department will continue to follow up with the local supplier to ascertain the scope of the recall and the root cause of the problem.
The department said customers who have used the products and are feeling unwell or are in doubt should consult their healthcare professionals for advice as soon as possible.
The department has also informed public and private hospitals, medical associations and optometrist associations about the issue.
Click here for details on the affected products.

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