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Unregistered products

Unregistered products:  Unregistered pharmaceutical products seized by Police and Department of Health officers.

Unregistered health products seized

January 14, 2013
Police and Department of Health officers raided a Yuen Long shop today, believed to be selling unregistered pharmaceutical products.
They found over-the-counter medicines labelled as containing vitamins or glucosamine, which is used for joint pain.
Hong Kong pharmaceutical product registration numbers were not on any of the pharmaceutical product labels. It is believed the products were imported.
The company's head office in Cheung Sha Wan was also raided, and similar unregistered pharmaceutical products were found.
The department urged the public not to buy or use unregistered pharmaceutical products, as they have not been evaluated by the Pharmacy & Poisons Board, so their safety, quality and efficacy is not guaranteed.
People should consult a doctor if they are in doubt about a pharmaceutical product or feel unwell after using any.

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